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  • It is the first that unites the investment markets: Cryptocurrencies & Forex – Foreign Exchange Market
  • It's a dual passive income project.
  • Devs wallet locked for 1 year
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BADA Bridge

BADA Bridge investors rely on multiple and parallel investments, with yields in both the cryptocurrency and Forex markets.

As these markets are independent, price and value fluctuations are influenced by different factors. The cryptocurrency market in terms of volume is much smaller than the Forex market, which is over $5 trillion a day.

Furthermore, the volatility and, therefore, variations in the values ​​of cryptocurrencies fluctuate a lot. It's not uncommon to have variations of 100% or more on the same day, which doesn't happen in Forex.

BADA Bridge unites these two worlds, precisely to make the most of the profit potential of these markets, and at the same time, reduce the possibility of losses when the market “comes against”.

BADA Bridge investors have a stake - an automatic return proportional to the capital invested and the time the token is kept in the liquidity pools.

BADA Bridge is a decentralized token in the BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) standard.



The forex investment bridge will be made from a percentage of the fees (tokenomics) that are charged on all purchase, sale and transfer transactions between BADA Bridge token portfolios. There is no investment bridge with investors' portfolios or money.

Investors will be able to choose to have passive income (stake) through the two liquidity pools, both with deposits in BADA Bridge: one pool will have income in BADA Bridge, which will be fed by supply and the other will have income in BUSD, which will be fed by the earnings of BADA Umbrella (Forex).



The Forex liquidity pool will be made available through BADA Umbrella.

BADA Bridge investors will be able to invest in BADA Umbrella through deposits in this liquidity pool. Amounts deposited in BADA Umbrella's liquidity pool will not be sent or used on Forex. They will be used to calculate income / stake.


how will it be?

The investment in Forex will be carried out solely with the proceeds from the rates in BUSD from the expenses and investments portfolio. There are no contributions from liquidity pools or investors.

Most of this amount will be transferred to the wallet of BADA Bridge's account at the Forex broker, which will be invested through the robots of All In Markets - AIM (www.allinmarkets.com).

BADA Umbrella's Forex investments will be made through a single account under AIM's Umbrella Currencies project https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/837183, whose MQL5 track record shows a yield in excess of 85% from October 2020 to December 2021.

BADA Umbrella's Forex account at BRK broker is number 2021559019 with MQL5 which will be released later.

Monthly, 80% of the proceeds from Umbrella Coins will be sent to BADA Bridge, for remuneration/stake of the BADA Umbrella liquidity pool and remuneration of Devs. The remaining 20% ​​will remain in BADA Bridge's Umbrella Currencies account, to boost compound interest income.

The payment of income from Umbrella Currencies will be returned to BADA Bridge through a withdrawal request in BUSD at the Forex broker. Currently, the deadline for payment is 48 hours after the withdrawal request is made. The amount withdrawn will be sent directly to BADA Bridge's expenses and investments portfolio.

Longer-term holders will benefit the most from the geometric progression effect of compound interest yields. The greater the value and term of the investment, the greater the potential profits generated.


what is?



AIM has over 5 years of experience and success in training, free courses, YouTube channel, Forex investments https://www.allinmarkets.com/.

AIM, through Daniel Itzicovitch, is the Brazilian group that currently has more MQL5 accounts https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/author/itzi62.

MQL5 is a coding language and set of indicators developed by MetaQuotes, which is the company that developed MetaTrader 5.

MQL5 reports collect data directly from Forex brokers, not allowing anyone to change the data. Therefore, MQL5 is considered one of the best ways to know if a Forex project is healthy, profitable and stable.

Umbrella Currencies investments are made through robots (EA – Expert Advisor) and graphical and fundamental analysis by the All In Markets team in the Forex market.



BADA Bridge will have a portfolio in BUSD for expenses and investments. Thus, when the project needs to pay the various expenses, there will be no need to sell tokens by dropping the chart.

The expense and investment portfolio will receive 12% of the fees on all BADA Bridge movements. There will be a division into 2 portfolios:

  • 1

    one with 8% that will be sent to the investment in BADA Umbrella in Forex.

  • 2

    one with 4% that will be available in BUSD.


BADA Umbrella values are also part of the expenses and investments portfolio. Thus, BADA Bridge also has income on the amounts that will be used to pay expenses.

As the payment of the withdrawal at the Forex broker can take up to 48 hours, the 4% wallet will be for current expenses and the 8% wallet will be for scheduled expenses.



In the BADA Bridge project the Devs will have their wallets locked for 1 year. With that, BADA Bridge investors won't have that traditional worry... when will the Devs “sink their wallets”.

Currently, many cryptocurrency projects create wallets for Devs to sell their tokens shortly after release. BADA Bridge Devs will not have their wallets for at least 1 year.



The BADA Bridge project relies on an anti-bot system to prevent crypto/bot robots from acting by buying and selling the token at launch. As a result, no one will be able to buy the BADA Bridge token at halftime after the Devs add liquidity and before launch. Not even Devs will be able to do that.




BADA Bridge innovates in the cryptocurrency market also in tokenomics.

Devs will be remunerated through percentages of the project's earnings.

Supply: 55.000,000 tokens

Burn: the token is not deflationary so there is no burn

BADA Treasure: 22.000,000

The BADA Treasure is intended to fund brokerage listings, BADA Stake and other emergency costs
80% locked for 3 months (the lock being renewed if not used)
20% locked for 1 month.

  • 12% fee on all buy, sell or transfer transactions between wallets

  • 8% Bada Umbrella (Forex)

  • 4% are in the BUSD expenses portfolio for day-to-day expenses

BADA Umbrella

  • Receives 8% of the expense portfolio
    Returns 80% of Umbrella Currency's earnings
  • 5% for Devs
  • 75% for liquidity pool stake
  • 20% remain on Forex to maximize earnings



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